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XAIEN - The Key to Success
in the Face of Unforeseen Challenges

Remaining Calm and Adapting Quickly?

No longer a problem! Master sudden replanning in your operational business faster and more precisely with XAIEN, thanks to AI-powered

real-time navigation.

In today's operational business, companies are faced with the challenge of having to react promptly to sudden and unexpected changes. Machine production disruptions, delivery bottlenecks, or staff absences due to illness require well-founded operational decisions in real time. However, planning and decision-making are often too complex to tackle with the tools available to date.

Punkte verbinden

The AI Software XAIEN enables 150 times faster real-time calculations

in complex data environments


Existing solutions struggle to handle the complexity of numerous influencing factors and their intricate interdependencies.


Planning by hand takes
a lot of time and leads to subjective results that are not always optimal. 


In cases where available tools can already be used for planning and decision-making, complex problems cannot be adequately solved.

XAIEN calculates complex data sets 150 times faster than comparable tools

What used to be impossible is now a reality. XAIEN processes complex problems and large amounts of data in real time, enabling immediate decisions in operational business. Time-consuming delays caused by subsequent analyses are eliminated. Operational decisions no longer have to wait.

Improved accuracy of results through comprehensive data calculation

XAIEN delivers more accurate results by taking all relevant parameters, data and variables into account. Unlike conventional approaches, the calculations are based on all relevant data and are therefore more precise. 

Increased efficiency and competitive advantage through optimized ad-hoc decisions

Operational decisions no longer have to wait. Companies that use XAIEN can not only react ad-hoc to market changes, but also have more precise results to optimize their decisions.

How does XAIEN work?

XAIEN empowers companies grappling with significant complexity to define user-specific constraints such as individual business conditions, dependencies, and target criteria for optimization, as well as their own KPIs. Moreover, the AI navigation between the selected KPIs facilitates the application of weightings and simultaneous optimization of multiple criteria.

With XAIEN, you can rest assured that you are always operating on the basis of your latest data. This enables you to make real-time decisions, making you ideally equipped to respond faster and more effectively to market-related fluctuations in day-to-day business and unexpected situations.

With XAIEN by your side, you're prepared for any unexpected challenge.

Specify your business objective according to your individual criteria

If something unforeseen happens, you need to be able to reschedule very quickly. This is exactly what XAIEN does for you - even in complex environments.

XAIEN enables you not only to plan based on your status quo data, but also to dynamically adapt your operational planning to changing situations.

XAIEN calculates the optimum procedure for you. Similar to navigation in a car, XAIEN continuously adapts your route and suggests the most efficient way to reach your business destination.

Our focus is on achieving your goals efficiently and reliably. Of course, we also take into account relevant factors such as legal requirements or sustainability aspects in order to avoid possible penalties or unnecessary CO₂ emissions.

Increase in productivity

Production and sales processes can be made significantly more efficient through optimized resource planning, process optimization and the avoidance of bottlenecks.

Your advantages in the Navigation
with XAIEN

Increased customer satisfaction & competitive advantages

Faster responsiveness to customer requests and more reliable delivery times thanks to optimized planning. Increased efficiency, flexibility, and transparency give companies an advantage over the competition.

Increased adaptability to changing conditions & improved risk management

Continuous planning and real-time analyses enable companies to react quickly to changes in terms of employees, production, supply-chains etc. Early detection and mitigation of risks through continuous data analysis and scenario planning.

Reducing complexity

The intelligent XAIEN software can structure the complexity of large companies, highlight correlations and facilitate decision-making.

What was once feasible has now
become unfeasible.

two white wind turbines_edited.jpg

Energy supply is
not secure

Heavy industry_edited.jpg

Production halls are not utilized to capacity

Shot with _expeditionxdrone_edited.jpg

Logistics leads to delays and bottlenecks

Day-to-day business optimization with
XAIEN navigation in your industry

Office Meeting _edited.jpg
Dynamic workforce scheduling in companies

XAIEN makes it possible to calculate personnel requirements precisely and plan accordingly. As soon as requirements change, XAIEN adjusts the planning immediately.

Heavy industry_edited.jpg
Dynamic production planning in
manufacturing companies

With XAIEN's navigation, production orders can not only be better prioritized, but also quickly adapted to changing conditions. Whether bottlenecks, breakdowns, or other unforeseen events — XAIEN calculates the effects in real time. Our continuously adapting planning takes all relevant factors into account. As soon as framework conditions change, our system dynamically adjusts your planning. Bottlenecks are identified at an early stage, priorities are adjusted, and alternative solutions are identified. This means you always make optimum use of your production capacities, minimize downtime and shorten delivery times.

Hospital Reception_edited.jpg
Dynamic duty scheduling in the healthcare sector

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities such as retirement homes are often faced with the challenge of dealing with high staff turnover and on-call duties. These factors complicate personnel planning and can lead to bottlenecks in care. In such complex environments, XAIEN proves to be a valuable support. The system analyzes all relevant planning parameters in real time and dynamically adjusts processes to ensure smooth operations.

1. Support for operational planning

In hospitals, precise operational planning is crucial in order to meet the complex requirements. XAIEN supports this by analyzing all relevant factors such as patient occupancy, staff availability and resource utilization in real time.


2. Optimized shift planning

XAIEN also provides valuable support when creating rosters for hospital staff. The system takes into account the hospital's specific KPIs and requirements, such as qualifications, working time models and staff preferences.

3. What-if simulations

With XAIEN, hospitals can also run simulations to analyze the impact of different decisions. For example, the consequences of staff shortages, bed capacity changes or patient fluctuations can be simulated in advance. This enables hospitals to plan staff capacities more efficiently. This reduces the need for on-call services, which leads to greater employee satisfaction and therefore less staff turnover.

Shot with _expeditionxdrone_edited.jpg
Dynamic planning in supply chain management

XAIEN supports efficient and dynamic operational procurement planning. Our system continuously calculates current demand, stock levels and suppliers' ability to deliver.

As soon as these conditions change, XAIEN adjusts the procurement planning immediately. In this way, you avoid overstocking and supply bottlenecks and ensure that your customers are reliably supplied at all times. In this way, you can strengthen your supplier relationships and at the same time ensure that the products you need are always available on time.

Contact our XAIEN Team

Co-Founder / CVO

Inessa Kuhnert

Inessa Kuhnert has over 30 years of professional sales and business development leadership experience in the world's leading companies such as BASF, SAS Institute and Software AG. Last 15 years she worked at SAP and most recently as Vice President in the global organization responsible for business with ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). Now Inessa is following her own personal passion as Business Angel & Adviser with AI startups and co-Founder of XAIEN. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Inessa studied Software Engineering in Moscow and started her professional career as a developer in Berlin.

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Daniel Stephan

Daniel Stephan, a co-founder of XAIEN, uses cutting-edge algorithmics to build the core optimization of XAIEN. Daniel believes that empowering every employee to solve optimization problems leads to a culture of innovation and boosted efficiency. Eventually, this will make a more convenient, efficient, and digitized world possible! Prior to co-founding XAIEN, Daniel's experience as an algorithmics consultant for large companies gives him a unique understanding of the challenges businesses face.He holds a distinguished Master's degree in IT-Systems Engineering from the prestigious Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam, where he specialized in Algorithmics.

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Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Michael Vaichenker

Michael Vaichenker studied at the world renouned Hasso-Plattner-Institute and finished his Master with distinction. He has specialized himself in the field of algorithmics and problem solving and proven his capabilities working as an algorithmics consultant, advising amongst others for a Big Four audit company. As co-founder of XAIEN, Michael now wants to help companies on a larger scale, believing that good optimization and problem solving should be available to and easily usable by everyone.

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