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Navigate to your business goals in a world comprised of supply networks. If digital supply network systems can no longer handle complexity, XAIEN will navigate you to your business goals.

XAIEN optimizes supply chain networks in a completely new way - up to the optimum. 

The world is currently facing numerous challenges, from wars and pandemics to other global events. Supply network simulations are reaching their limits when dealing with complex structures. Suddenly, things that used to work no longer do. Companies require new approaches that have not been seen before, in order to continuously rebuild and optimize their supply networks to meet demand.

What was once feasible has now become unfeasible.

Optimize your supply network with XAIEN


It is essential to react to changing conditions within the supply network and determine the optimum from the circumstances. XAIEN is a decision and planning platform with a specific focus on supply chains and networks. Our goal is not to replace established systems, but to expand them with new approaches. XAIEN uses technology, algorithmics and scientific approaches to do exactly that: calculate the optimum within the supply network in order to create a navigation for decisions. But why the optimum? Because the last 20% can decide between economic success or crisis.

Reduce costs
Maximize profit

Reduce costs and maximize profits with XAIEN. Optimize your supply network to run your business successfully.

Enter new

Enter new markets by leveraging new opportunities and ensuring a successful market entry.

Reduce or avoid
CO2 emission

Reduce or even avoid CO2 emissions in your supply network to take responsibility and contribute to a sustainable business.

Optimize product prices

Optimize your product prices to fit both new market conditions and internal organizational needs.

Improve production processes

Improve your production processes and maximize your capacity utilization for optimal efficiency.

Why optimum? The last 20% can decide between economic success or crisis. 


XAIEN employs new approaches that differ from the conventional ones, even Machine Learning. That's why XAIEN is perfect when conventional methods no longer work.

No historical data needed

XAIEN considers the current situation and makes a recommendation for action based on that. Historical data is not necessary. 

Easy to use and generic

Users can easily adapt new situations  and perform new calculation runs. The engine is generic, so no adjustments on the engine itself are necessary. 

Transparent and explainable

The results are comprehensible and explainable. Especially for important decisions, it is crucial that you can rely on the results.

Optimal solution in minutes - not hours

XAIEN is very fast and outperforms current software on the market. The difference between an optimal solution in minutes instead of hours is a lot of money.

Our Vision

XAIEN enables companies to navigate their business with optimal, fast, precise and comprehensible decisions.
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Case Study: KPMG

In order to be able to test the possibilities and performance of XAIEN, a case study was done at KPMG. The goal was to assign consultants to projects as efficiently and appropriately as possible based on their skills and availability. The tool Gurobi, currently the only established competitor on the market, was used as a comparison.  


The result was clear: XAIEN reached nearly 90% of the optimum after 7 minutes and was then able to optimize the result to over 98%. Gurobi needed 100 hours to reach 89,5%. Before, Gurobi was not able to find a solution.


The results to this study were documented in a paper.


Image by NASA

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