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XAIEN is like an intelligent navigation system that continuously recalculates your route to always show you the best possible way to your destination. If an unexpected event such as a resource failure occurs, XAIEN dynamically adapts your planning to the changing circumstances. This allows you to derive the optimum solution ad hoc in order to reliably achieve your business goals.

Inessa Kuhnert

Founder/ CVO

The efficiency of our planning solution has already been proven in practice. For example, the platform has been successfully used for employee planning at KPMG. The Erfurt-based LAC used it to automatically create competition plans. Even a large auditing company was able to divide financial transactions into meaningful subgroups with our help — a task that was previously impossible to accomplish manually.

Daniel Stephan

Founder/ CEO

These practical examples show that our solution is capable of mastering even the most complex planning tasks. Whether it's personnel management, production planning or supply chain management, we offer you the tools to optimize your processes and reliably achieve your goals.”

Michael Vaichenker
Founder/ CEO

Production planning in a pharmaceutical company Bottleneck situation in production



In a pharmaceutical company, effective operational planning of production processes is crucial to ensure

the smooth and efficient manufacture of pharmaceuticals. However, varying lead times and bottlenecks limit the overall performance of the production process and

can lead to delays, overloads and inefficient use of other resources. The complex production planning for the manufacturer's various finished medicines involves numerous variables such as packaging sizes, machine usage, packaging materials, distributor supply

and shipping.

Another problem arises from contract management. Each target market has specific contract agreements and penalties for non-delivery. In addition, there are different target markets for the same product with different packaging requirements. This variety of requirements and agreements complicates the planning and execution of production processes and increases the risk of delivery delays, errors and financial losses for the company.




To overcome these challenges, XAIEN offers dynamic production planning that continuously adapts to changing conditions. Our system calculates the complex production parameters and contract specifications in real time to instantly determine the optimal schedule.


XAIEN captures data from all production orders to account for customer prioritization and penalties to maximize profit. Orders are prioritized by urgency, market demand and raw material availability. XAIEN identifies potential bottlenecks such as machine breakdowns, material shortages or staff shortages and enables simulations of scenarios such as machine breakdowns, market changes or staff reductions to minimize risks. As soon as factors such as delivery times, machine breakdowns or contract requirements change, XAIEN dynamically adjusts production planning.

  • XAIEN is helping to make the pharmaceutical group's production planning more effective and improve the overall performance of the production process.

  • XAIEN enables the pharmaceutical company to ensure that the required medicines are available on time and in sufficient quantities to guarantee the health of patients.

  • Delays, overloads, and breaches of contract can thus be reliably avoided.

  • Your company benefits from smooth, efficient drug production and minimizes financial risks.


  • Reduction of planning time by > 50%

  • High customer satisfaction thanks to higher quality services

  • Ad-hoc rescheduling in the event of unexpected changes

  • Increased success rate in project execution due to higher consultant-project fit

  • Higher operating profits due to the resulting increase in efficiency

  • Optimal use of resources by avoiding over- or understaffing

Optimization of dynamic

personnel planning in a management consultancy


It is time-consuming and costly for consulting firms to reallocate consultants with the required skills and preferences to suitable projects due to unexpected influences. This can lead to inefficient use of resources, longer response times and potentially

dissatisfied clients.



The algorithm-based software XAIEN suggests the best assignment in minutes, based on the calculation of complex factors such as consultant availability and expertise, as well as client project data. In addition, XAIEN enables consulting companies to quickly adapt their personnel planning to changing situations. As soon as conditions such as availability or project requirements change, the system immediately adjusts allocations to ensure an optimal fit.

Image by charlesdeluvio

Case Study: KPMG

The aim was to assign consultants to projects as efficiently and appropriately as possible based on their skills and availability. A tool that is currently the only established competitor on the market was used for comparison.  The result was clear: XAIEN achieved almost 90% of the optimum after 7 minutes, and was then able to optimize the result to over 98%. The conventional tool needed 100 hours to achieve progress of 89.5%. Before that, it was unable to find a solution.

With XAIEN, you'll quickly find the most efficient path to reliably achieve your business goals.

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